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Dangote reminds Nigerian leaders of Malaria scourge amidst Covid 19

Founder and leader of African industrial conglomerate, Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote has sent a strong reminder to Nigeria’s political and business leaders that they should not lose sight of the war against malaria, which still kills millions of people annually despite being a problem for humanity for as long as one can remember.

Communicating through his Twitter handle @AlikoDangote he stated that “it is easy to forget what a huge threat malaria remains for all of us in the face of public health crisis posed by Covid-19. We must not forget and allow the giant strides we have made in reducing the scourge of malaria in our nation slide.

“We have seen malaria prevalence reduce from 42% to 23% between 2010 and 2018, but more needs to be done to achieve #ZeroMalaria.

“We are committed to mobilizing resources both within the private sector and other sectors to help eliminate malaria and address the current COVID-19 pandemic. I call on private sector, donors, public sector, NGOs and others to redouble their commitments in eliminating malaria.”

Coming from a prominent and influential business such as Dangote, health sector leaders and the government at large should double up efforts to keep improving response, treatment and preventive measures against malaria in a country where many still die from the illness and many still live with the scars of treatment such as hearing loss caused by malaria drugs and other side effects of the common sickness. 

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